Keine Party — No Party

Tom is in a strained relationship with Marise. To get Marise out of her depressive phase, he plans to surprise her with a birthday party. When everyone cancels, their relationship is harshly tested by Tom’s secrets.

Cast: Lena Castrup, Flore Abrahams, Roland Eisner, Henning Pidde, Ambar de la Horra

Screenplay, Director, DoP, Editing, Music: Clemens Helmchen


2022 – Best Idea European Film – International Festival du Film de Bretagne

2023 – Finalist — Capital Filmmakers Festival Berlin

© 2021 Trailer here

Jerry has Fear

Jerry is very afraid of contracting the corona virus. His precautions also affect his relationship with his girlfriend Evgenia. Plagued by nightmares, he can’t seem to find the right way to deal with the situation.

Cast: Gabriel Horn, Betty Kaplan, Alexandra Vetter and Roland Eisner

Music: Tooflez Music

Screenplay, Director, DoP, Editing: Clemens Helmchen


© 2022 Film here


Mike finds himself in the middle of a hostage situation involving his colleague Herbert. Like his office colleagues, the police seem to have little patience with him on the phone. When Mike sets out to find his requested getaway car, he makes a strange discovery.

Cast: Paul Riemann and Alois Steinmacher

Screenplay, Director, DoP, Editing: Clemens Helmchen


2022 – Official Selection– Cine-Maniacs Filmfest

© 2019   Film here

Blaue Stunde

It’s a party night on Berlin Kottbusser Tor. A boy hooks up a drunken girl, but leaves her alone on ‚Kotti‘ when she starts vomiting. Drunken, she begins a fight with a homeless/junkie girl from that area.
Blue hour is an improvisation movie. The challenging idea was to put some pressure to shot only one hour during the blue hour in a summer morning, 2014 on Kottbusser Tor.

Cast: Ambar de la HorraPia Seifert and Simon Altmann

Screenplay, Director, DoP, Editing: Clemens Helmchen

Award: 2020 – Short movie of the year – Sputnik Open Screening    © 2019   Film here

DOCUMENTARY SHORT: Das Mahl (Last supper)

Director, DoP and Edit: Clemens Helmchen
Year: 2018

MUSICVIDEO: Uberdub – Metafore

Director: Clemens Helmchen
Actors: Hilal Uysal, Lucia Zambora Campos, Markos DeKos
Music: Patrick Rucireto
Year: 2016

SHORT: Conatus

Director & Writer: Sophie Stadler
Actors: Hilal Uysal, Mark DeKos, Daniel Trevino, Ekatarina Schatilova
Year: 2016

DOCUMENTARY SHORT: Wir kommen nachts (We come by night)

Director: Clemens Helmchen
Year: 2015